“How do I Sell My Home in Puerto Vallarta?”

Ready to sell a home or property in Puerto Vallarta? Connect with one of the area's best and friendliest realtors. Keep reading to find out what makes us different.Puerto Vallarta homes

It’s an excellent time to sell your Puerto Vallarta home or condo. With an influx of retirees and private investors looking to buy, property prices have been steadily appreciating over the years. Now is a great time to find the right buyer and cash out.

Our team will guide the entire process from competitively pricing your home to effectively marketing it to the right buyers, to negotiating the best price and getting it sold quickly.

Here are some of the reasons why The Agency Properties is different from other local realtors and why you’ll want to work with us to sell your home:

  1. We are an AMPI certified agency. This means that we are part of the professional real estate association in Mexico. This is very important when listing your home as it means that we are we not only held to a high level of ethical standards, but we also have extensive training. In addition, we have access to mlsvallartanayarit.com. This is a highly-searched website by buyers of real estate in Puerto Vallarta. More importantly, it is the website that most of the agents in town use to start their search for homes that meet their clients’ needs. If you are not on this website you are missing MANY potential purchasers. Remember, only an AMPI certified agent can put your home on this website.
  2. We heavily advertise your property on websites that are highly-ranked by search engines that reach a large target market of buyers both locally and internationally. Your property will featured on more than 15 different websites.
  3. We do extensive print advertising in the Real Estate News, Vallarta Tribune, Vallarta News, Banderas News, Gay PV and Gay Guide PV.
  4. We have strong relationships with local realtors with whom we promote your property. This way we can ensure that your property is top of mind for clients looking for a property that is similar to yours.
  5. We help you with pricing your house competitively so it will sell at the best price and as quickly as possible. We prepare a detailed current market analysis outlining the past comparative sales and current listings in the area allowing you to make an informed pricing decision.
  6. We bring in a professional photographer to make sure your home shows at its best when advertised and stands out from the rest. When necessary, we will also contract the services of a professional stager.
  7. We always have one of our team members show your home to potential purchasers. We make sure we study your home and the area and can answer all the purchasers’ questions and point out all the great features of the place and the area it is located.
  8. When an offer is presented we will always inform you. We will work with you and negotiate on your behalf to make sure we come to a mutually beneficial sale.
  9. We will walk you through the paper work process making sure that we get all the required contingencies waived and the money successfully transferred to your account. And we always use escrow accounts to make sure the transfer of money is done smoothly, safely and quickly.
  10. We will work with the best tax lawyers to develop a strategy to make sure that we get any capital gains tax payable as low as possible for you.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from sellers:

Q: When is the best time of year to sell my home?Puerto Vallarta real estate

A: As we already mentioned, NOW is the best time to sell your home as there has been a huge influx of snowbirds, retirees and professional real estate investors to the area all looking to buy. Having said that, we normally see the greatest amounts of buyers coming into Puerto Vallarta during the months of January to April, as this is when many vacationers are heading south to warmer climates.

Q: I want to sell my condo. What do I need to do to prepare it for showings?

It’s important you get your home or condo in its best possible shape to show to potential buyers. Before we list your condo, we will help you uncover some things you can do to boost your property’s appeal. For instance, perhaps the bedroom needs a fresh coat of paint or the kitchen could really use a new stove and backsplash. In some instances, it’s just a matter of rearranging some furniture and staging everything just right. Don’t worry, we’ll help you.

Q: How long will it take to sell my property?

While we can’t guarantee your property will sell within a certain timeframe, we can guarantee that we will do everything in our power to get it sold quickly and for the absolute best price. Because we spend time target marketing your property heavily and have built relationships with other industry professionals, we are confident we can get your property sold fast. For more detailed information or questions about selling your home in the Puerto Vallarta area, contact Warren Brander. In Puerto Vallarta call 52.1.322.200.2253, in USA/Canada call toll-free 1.855.276.2901 or email.