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Investing in Puerto Vallarta Properties

There has never been a better time than now for investing in properties in the Puerto Vallarta area.  Prices are down, the market is heating up, and the demand for rental properties is very high.  Puerto Vallarta is also consistently rated as one of the best places in which to invest and retire. If you are looking to invest in PV, let our highly skilled team guide you through this process ensuring you get a profitable investment property that will provide you income for years to come.  For more detailed information about what we can do for investors, please see below.

For more detailed information or questions about investing in Puerto Vallarta area properties, contact Warren Brander. In Puerto Vallarta call 044-322 200-2253, in USA call toll free 1-866-978-5539, Canada 1-888-420-0966 or email.

Our team of experts will find you the right investment property.  Combining our knowledge of the real estate market and high demand areas we always find the best property to meet our clients’ needs.

Here what makes our team stand apart when working with investors. 

  1. We know Puerto Vallarta and the areas that are in high demand.  With a combined 50+ years of living in the area, we really know PV.   We know what areas will rent well, where you can add value by making improvements and what resells well.  
  2. We have immediate insight into new listings and price changes.  We know what is competitively priced and have insight into hidden opportunities for attractive returns.
  3. We work with property management and rental companies to keep abreast of the rental market.  We provide insight into expected occupancy and rental rate based on the location and building.  We will perform a detailed estimate of the projected return on investment.
  4. If yours is a rental property, we will introduce you to the best property management and rental agencies.  We also have a steady flow of people looking for rentals in your area, which we will refer to you.
  5. We negotiate on your behalf to make sure that your transaction makes financial sense and you get the best future returns on your investment.
  6. We ensure the closing process is efficient, safe and quick.  We always use an escrow account to make sure your investment is protected.

Now that the deal is done, we don't go away.  We offer a full concierge service and act as your eyes and ears in Puerto Vallarta.  Whether you need help setting up utilities, bank accounts, need referrals for trades, accountant or lawyer services or referrals for maintenance and repairs, our team is there to help.  Even long after the transaction we are there to make your experience investing in Puerto Vallarta the best experience possible.  

And of course, when you are ready to invest again we would be happy to assist you again.